Top 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Job Search in the New Year

As we approach the start of a new year everyone is looking ahead with a fresh slate. If you are hoping to jump start your job search and move forward in 2013 these five tips are the perfect way to get you going.

1. Rewrite your resume. When was the last time you updated your resume? Employers look at dozens of resumes a day when they are hiring, and outdated resumes are often the first in the “Do Not Consider” pile. If you are continuing in your current position into the new year, make sure to update the date to reflect the changing year. If you have gained new skills, volunteered your time or completed any studies you want to be sure to display that information prominently. If marketing yourself in writing isn’t your strong suit, consider having your resume prepared by a professional resume writer.

2. Make a plan. Job searching can be very time consuming, so make a plan. Get up an hour earlier so that you are the first to see new postings and send out a resume before breakfast. Not only will it show genuine interest, it will also help you to feel accomplished! Even though you don’t know when you’re job search may end, put future career fairs on your calendar, now. Even ones that are happening next year! It will be here before you know it.

3. Network with friends and family. Often job searching can feel like a lonely pursuit. After all, you’re the only one looking for a job just for you! But talking with friends and family is important. When they hear of openings, job fairs or new opportunities, you’ll be on their minds. They may also be able to be a reference for you in their company when you apply, whether they were the ones to tell you about the position or you discovered it on

4. Social network, too! We are active on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook because we know employers are willing to use all the latest tools to find employees. You should, too! We want you to connect with us so that you can be up to date on all of our latest postings and information. You can also follow employers and companies, who will post new positions and talk about the latest advances in their field. Knowing the latest news will also help you in interviews.

5. Let us do some of the work. We want to find you a new job, so why not let us do some of the work? You can create a profile that includes your updated resume, contact information and details on your skills, experience and what you’re looking for. Then employers can find you!

Make this year the year you move into into a great new position! Visit us anytime to get started!


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