Start Your Fort Bend Job Search With Large Employers

While the job search process may seem tedious, don’t discount the simplicity of beginning your job search by finding the larger employers in your area and researching their webpage for open positions. Here are some of the largest employers for the Fort Bend area and a link to their careers page.

Fluor hires engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and project management career-oriented people with more than 2000 local employees as of 2012.
Schlumberger is an oilfield services company. They also have around 2000 local employees.
Methodist Sugar Land Hospital has more than 2000 local employees and hires a variety of workers, from janitorial to physicians to bill collections.
Nalco works with water, hygiene and energy technologies. They have a wide variety of hiring needs.
St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital is another larger local hospital that hires a diverse workforce.
Memorial Hermann-Sugar Land, which has been named one of Houston’s best places to work 5 times in a row, is a healthcare facility that hires all types of workers as well, from financial careers to case management.
Noble Corporation, an oil drilling contractor, has been in business for 91 years.
Baker Hughes, an oilfield service company, has offices near Fort Bend.

Fort Bend and Lamar school districts are also among Fort Bend’s largest employers. Here is a list of Fort Bend’s top 40 employers as of 2012.

All of the above companies, although they may specialize in health care or oil, have needs for finance-oriented, janitorial, graphic design, and other specialized candidates.

Getting hired into a larger corporation can often be a challenge, since it’s less personal. Most corporations have an online application process and there’s little opportunity to call a specific Human Resource Manager to follow up. To get hired into a larger corporation, you must stand out in qualifications, education, references, and overall resume.

Networking is a proven technique. The more you know about the company, and the more employees who know you, the more likely your application will be placed at the top of the pile. LinkedIn is a valuable networking tool. See our previous post on getting started with LinkedIn in your job search.

Finally, many larger corporations hire temporary workers, and they’ll often hire those temps full time. So if working for a larger corporation is your goal, call around to your local temp agencies to find out if they hire for the specific company you’re looking to be hired into.

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