Five Job Search Strategies For People With Limited Work Experience

One problem you may encounter in your job search is that many employers today want candidates with relevant experience, even for entry level positions. If you’re a recent graduate or just don’t have an extensive track record, these are five strategies to help you get around these requirements.

1. Plan ahead. Don’t wait until you need a job to think about getting one. Always be prepared to conduct a job search. If you’re still in school, visit the career services center on campus. Ask them what you should be doing now to prepare for life after graduation. Whatever stage you’re at, update your resume regularly to reflect all your accomplishments on the job and off. Develop a network of people you can consult about career opportunities.

2. Do volunteer work. Volunteer work is a great way to extend your network, develop professional skills and establish positive references. Research nonprofits that work on issues you care about and check out Get the name of the appropriate department head and approach them with a proposal to donate your time on projects tied to your career interests. You may want to coordinate events or do bookkeeping.

3. Be flexible. You may not be able to land your dream job immediately. Evaluate any opportunity in terms of whether it brings you closer to your long term goals. Junior positions, part time gigs and contract work may all be worthwhile if they add to your qualifications.

4. Speak in terms of transferrable skills. Many of your accomplishments outside the workplace can be translated into terms that will impress potential employers. Create a supply of real life stories that showcase your communication prowess and team spirit.

5. Network. Most of all, network aggressively. Employers often prefer to hire people recommended by trusted friends and colleagues. Join a professional association. Ask people to make introductions for you.

Finally, keep your resume updated on Limited experience does not have to hold you back.


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