Sugar Land, TX Town Square is Thriving

According to the City of Sugar Land, Sugar Land Town Square is thriving. The report notes that “after a decade of development,” the Town Square has gone above and beyond initial investment estimates by more than $55 million. This is great news for locals and job seekers within and outside of the Sugar Land, TX area.

Seen as a focal point for business and socialization, the Sugar Land Town Square has emerged as a major part of the city’s livelihood. Today, more than 60 retail and restaurant locations, 563,000 square feet of Class A office space, the impressive 166-unit City Plaza Condominiums, and much more can be found in the square.

The link between this and employment is undeniable. According to Mayor James Thompson:
As the City’s original iconic venue, Sugar Land Town Square has become a vibrant community center and notable business district… The City’s significant role in this project has supported the developer’s vision, resulting in a preferred destination attraction for the region.

This “destination attraction” that Thompson refers to has resulted in economic growth. The report notes it as a regional employment center that includes a number of corporations, such as Minute Maid, Schlumberger, Aetna, and Fluor Corporation. A staggering number – 22 million square feet of office space – reminds job seekers that this is certainly a major employment center. As the city continues to grow, so too will its ability to appeal to job seekers that are looking for a booming area to investigate for them and their families.

Without a doubt, Sugar Land, TX is on the rise. Job seekers can definitely keep an eye on the emerging job market in the area for attractive employment opportunities. It holds a great deal of promise due to the growth that it is enjoying.


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