6 Jobs for Book Lovers

Reading books has many benefits; it’s a great way to relax, sharpen your mind, and inspire thoughtful conversation, to name a few. But a love for books and reading can also pay off in monetary ways, by opening the door to a variety of job opportunities. There are many worthwhile positions that are targeted at bookworms, and a career that stems from a favorite pastime is sure to please any job seeker. Here are six job opportunities for book lovers:

Book reviewer. Between the surge in e-book publication and the steady flow of books in print, plenty of books today need reviewing. Book reviewers get to read, critique, and rate books for a variety of media. Besides a love for reading, the job requires a keen eye, an analytical mind, and an objective viewpoint. It also takes time and practice to become a respected book reviewer, so plan to write book reviews online or for print publications without pay until you refine your book reviewing skills.

Library associate or assistant. Library associate or assistant jobs are available for those who would like to do library work but don’t have a librarian degree. Library associates work alongside librarians doing similar tasks, like setting up book displays, organizing reading materials, cataloging periodicals, performing clerical tasks, and participating in library events. Many volunteer job opportunities can also be found at libraries, with duties that might include shelving, processing, and mending books. Check Fort Bend County Libraries for current openings.

Writer or editor. It’s been said that the best writers are avid readers. If you read a lot, then, a career in the writing field might be a perfect fit for you. Writing jobs come in all types — from freelance writers to in-house editors to novelists — so figuring out the type of writing job you want takes time and thought. It’s also a good idea to get some training before embarking on a writing or editing career. Online courses abound for writers and editors; you can also check with a local university for independent learning opportunities.

Bookseller. Working at a bookstore can be a dream job for a book lover. Not only will you get to spend your days in a favorite setting, you’ll be among the first to see books freshly in print. Plus you’ll have easy access to books you’d like to read in the future, and a nice discount to boot. Bookseller jobs require good interpersonal skills, as you will be working with the public, assisting customers with their reading needs. As a bookseller, expect to spend your days on your feet — but also in your comfort zone.

Book publisher or packager. Working for a book publishing or packaging company is a great way to learn the ropes about how books come to be books. A job with a book publisher could be in one of many departments, such as acquisitions, editorial, design, distribution, or marketing. When publishers don’t have the resources to handle all the duties associated with book production, they outsource projects to a book packager. Book packagers act much like publishers, minus the sales and distribution roles.

Indexers. If you like details and have an eye for them, you might love a job as a book indexer. Indexers do what their title implies: they create indexes. The work is nit-picky and requires a high standard of accuracy, as well as training and possibly an apprenticeship with a skilled indexer. But a job in indexing can be rewarding; you will learn about a variety of subjects in the process, have flexibility to work from home, and be able to see your finished product in print. Indexing can also be quite lucrative.

Any of the above job prospects can make a great career path for book lovers. And who wouldn’t want to get paid for doing what they love?


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