Are Your References Preventing You From Getting the Job Offer?

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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar in your quest for a new job?

  1. Is your past boss badmouthing you?
  2. Interviewing well but not getting the job? 50% of companies DO NOT honor corporate policy regarding references.
  3. Were you a victim of discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination?
  4. Are you being BLACKBALLED?
  5. Are you protected by your old company’s policy to only confirm the dates and title of employment?
  6. Do you have a separation agreement with your past employer? Is it being honored?

    You’ve put time and effort into your resume, developed your network of possible employers and recruiters, worked on your interview skills – but have you done anything about your references? Don’t leave this crucial area to chance. References are the final factor in who gets the job offer. Your past employers – anyone you reported to will be contacted.

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